What is the campaign about?

The UK government plans to build a national Holocaust Memorial centre next to Parliament in order to commemorate the victims, and serve as powerful reminder to future generations.  Whilst STAND supports and commends the commitment to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive through the creation of the memorial, we believe the UK can and must do more.

Campaign GenPrevNow calls for the establishment of a conflict prevention research centre alongside the Westminster memorial, to institutionalise genocide and atrocity prevention into policy and decision making. The creation of a centre that focuses on producing independent and evidence based research can help build the foundations of more effective and coherent government responses to mass atrocity prevention and civilian protection. Government policy will therefore be more streamlined towards upstream prevention methods which targets pre-emptive engagement before human rights abuses occur and become widespread.


What STAND UK is doing:

-       STAND and its parent organisation, Aegis Trust, has been heavily involved in raising awareness of the proposals of a UK genocide prevention centre amongst MP’s, relevant officials and government departments such as DFID

-       We are registering interest amongst academics who wish to cooperate with the centre in providing research

-       We are also assisting in the drafting of an Early Day Motion, encouraging MP’s to sign on and debate the proposal in the House of Commons


What you can do:

Help us raise awareness for the GenPrevNow campaign by getting in contact with your local MP and encouraging the creation of the memorial centre as a means of remembrance and education.

This could be through an email to a parliamentarian (letter templates can be found on our website) or a simple tweet! Follow us on Twitter to get involved in our future social media campaigns (@standnowuk).

Go one step further and help STAND promote GenPrevNow by writing a blog post on our cause. Contact and help us spread the word!