The Team

STAND UK’s leadership team consists of a Managing Committee which is supported by Task Forces and Campus Representatives (Reps) across the country.

Our Managing Committee, made up of seven change-orientated university students, is STAND UK’s central decision making body. The team ensures young people are equipped with the tools and training to engage in advocacy initiatives and political discussion. The team is also responsible for overseeing all of STAND UK’s actions at local community, university and national level.

Each Coordinator is assisted by a Task Force made up of enthusiastic young voices committed to supporting STAND UK’s campaigns, national events, research and content creation.

At University level, STAND UK has a number of Campus Reps who support our campaigns, raise awareness and fundraise through mobilising their local community and campus.


Sophie Back

Student Director


Lily Pryer

Communications Coordinator

Zainab Korah

Policy Coordinator


Renée Bertini

Digital Communications Coordinator


Aindrila Das

Education Coordinator


John Heads

Outreach Coordinator


Amrita Farook

Campaigns Coordinator