Charles Darwin at Cambridge University here models our #KeepThePeace Blue Helmet

Charles Darwin at Cambridge University here models our #KeepThePeace Blue Helmet

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STAND UK is calling on the government to #KeepThePeace in South Sudan. Since the early 1990s, Britain has transitioned from being the single largest contributor of UN peacekeeping personnel to the 53rd largest. This decline is in spite of substantial evidence that larger numbers of peacekeeping personnel significantly reduce civilian casualties in intra-state conflict. In the last two years, the UK government has made a promising move towards greater personnel contributions in South Sudan, pledging a further 400 troops to the UN mission there (UNMISS). We wish to secure this commitment to the South Sudan mission in the long term and work towards improving the UK’s peacekeeping contributions.

On 29th April 2017, we will be holding a Keep the Peace conference which will bring together the greatest influencers in the peacekeeping arena including humanitarians, civil servants, academics and government officials. There will be discussions on the role of peacekeeping, the role of women in peacekeeping, and the role of education in peacekeeping and post-conflcit reconstruction.

To kick start our campaign, we’re asking you to wear the Blue Peacekeeping Helmet and show your support for increased peacekeepers in conflict areas. We’re using photography as a platform for student voices and writing to MPs to gain traction for this campaign.

The helmet is currently in Cambridge where students from all disciplines have donned the hat to show their support for vulnerable people worldwide. Watch this space to see where the Blue Helmet is heading next and how you can get involved…