Write For Us

You can write for us in a number ways from appearing on our blog to writing for a national newspaper. This is a crucial part of STAND UK's work and helps to spread the word about our campaigns, all while seeing your opinion and writing skill recognised.  As a brand new organisation, op-eds allow STAND UK to affiliate with numerous other charities or media outlets, such as university newspapers or topic-specific blogs.


Write a Blog

STAND UK’s blog presents a student voice which is unique and refreshing- our perspective on genocide and mass atrocities can be a salient signal for highlighting emerging conflicts and directing efforts to respond to crises. You can take inspiration from our current campaigns- Syria, South Sudan, Burma and Yemen- or pick something that’s not in mainstream news circulation, such as the Mau Mau uprising. Ensure that you keep within STAND UK’s mission statement, namely to raise awareness of genocide and empower your community to call for the protection of vulnerable citizens. Consider researching conflict zones, prevention methods and campaigning. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get an article published before you graduate, improve your expertise on global human rights issues and hone your writing technique.

Contact: Please get in touch with Lily, our Communications Coordinator, if you would like to write for us at  lpryer@standnow.org and she will guide you on how to write the perfect blog.

Write an Op-Ed

An Op-Ed can be written in collaboration with a local or student news paper, all the way up to national newspapers. This is an important way for STAND UK to communicate our message and get as many people involved in our campaigns as possible. 

Campus Media:

Your student newspaper should have a Facebook group or email address and will list the contact details of the editing team on their website. STAND UK op-eds are most likely to be relevant to the ‘Features’ or ‘Comment’ sections of the newspaper.

National Media:

Take a look at our guide to writing an Op-Ed below:

Get Published

We have partnered with the R2P journal to increase the opportunities for students to get their work published and to raise the profile of genocide prevention. To submit an academic article, get in touch with the Responsibility to Protect Student Journal at r2pstudentjournal@gmail.com. Their submission form should only take a few minutes and you’re good to go!