STAND UK is currently promoting three campaigns which aim to raise the awareness of genocide and mass atrocities across the globe and impact policy.



STAND UK is calling on the UK government to support the creation of a conflict prevention research centre attached to the new UK Holocaust Memorial in order to advise the UK government on policies for proactive genocide and atrocity prevention, violence reduction in cases of ongoing conflict, and civilian protection in conflict zones worldwide.


Together We Remember

STAND UK is collaborating with U.S. based charity 'Together We Remember' to pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives to genocide around the world. This April, STAND UK will be participating in public name-reading ceremonies of victims of genocide and mass atrocities in universities across the country. To find out if your university is participating, or to set up your own reading, take a look at this page!


Students Without Borders

STAND UK is calling on UK universities to improve access to education for refugee and asylum seeker potential students. We are currently coordinating a fundraiser project with the University of York to subsidise the living costs of 5 refugee and asylum seeker students. Find out how your university can make a difference here!