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Who are the Rohingya?
Burma is a historically Buddhist country. The Rakhine is a state on the western border between Burma and Bangladesh that is populated by ethnic Rakhine (Buddhist) and Rohingya who are a Muslim minority. Rohingya are ethnically, religiously and linguistically different. Although they do not make up all Muslims in Burma, they are a significant majority and are thus a perceived threat to the Buddhist national identity, resulting in their persecution and exclusion from wider society.

What is the crisis?
In October 2016, a Rohingya insurgent group killed 9 police officers leading to a massive crackdown on Rohingya. Violence has since continued to escalate despite international outcry. Over 400,000 refugees have fled the Rakhine state and the UN is now on ‘full alert’ regarding the Burmese crisis, and has previously described it as a textbook example of ‘ethnic cleansing’. Aung San Suu Kyi, the most influential figure in Burmese politics and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been criticised for maintaining a passive stance on the crisis. It is also very difficult to collect solid facts at the moment as the international community has restricted access to Burma.

What is The UK government doing?
The UK government has already claimed that we do not support the violence in Burma by firstly, stopping the training and funding of the Burmese Army, and secondly, having Boris Johnson publicly condemn Aung San Suu Kyi.

Now it’s time for us to back up our words with action!

What is STAND UK doing?
STAND UK’s #RiseforRohingya campaign is centred around two main areas:

1)    Pushing the UK to call for international arms embargo on Burma to end the violence in the Rakhine state. The UK already supports the EU arms embargo but we need to make it global by getting a UN mandate.

2)    UK politicians to draft and present a UNSC resolution to stop the violence in Burma. The UK needs to use its influence in the international community to prompt a formal expression of condemnation for the violence in Burma, that is backed by world leaders.

To kick start #RiseforRohingya, we have organised a series of Twitter campaigns. Follow us on Twitter to get involved in our future social media campaigns (@standnowuk).

This year, we are planning documentary screenings and panel discussions to engage students and academics at universities across the UK.