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From the beginning, STAND UK has been student-led, not only at the campus level but also at the national level.  STAND UK offers two types of national leadership positions: Managing Committee positions, and Task Force positions. The Managing Committee is responsible for developing STAND UK’s national advocacy campaigns, crafting our public brand and messaging, and coordinating our grassroots outreach efforts. Task Force members work with the Managing Committee to develop resources for our grassroots members, assist with policy analysis, and provide support to other crucial day-to-day functions.

Managing Committee Roles:


In a Nutshell:

The Campaigns Coordinator plays an essential role in planning and implementing the mission and goals of STAND UK. From the development of campaign ideas, through to the logistical details, right up till the execution, the Campaigns Coordinator plays a key role in bringing the vision of STAND UK’s campaigns to life. 

Hours a week: 8-10

- Manage campaign development and implementation: In coordination with Student Director, lead Managing Committee discussions on campaign development, create timelines for implementation, and follow up with MC members to ensure follow through on tasks
- Campaign Messaging and Marketing: Work with Communications Coordinator on internal and external talking points for all campaigns and actions 
- Monitoring & Evaluation: Working closely with Student Director and Communications Coordinator, take the lead in compiling information for internal Campaigns Reports and external success messaging

Required Skills: and Qualities
- Good written and spoken communication skills
- Good organisational and time management skills
- Self-motivated and able to balance academics and extra-curricular activities
- Collaborative spirit 
- An awareness and understanding of UK politics and foreign policy

Desirable Skills and Qualities
- Experience in campaign planning or event management 
- Competency in Excel

To Apply:
Fill in the application form and upload your CV. Contact us at  with any questions or check out our website at for more inspiration!

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In a Nutshell

STAND UK aims to empower and engage young people across the country to become advocates for peace. The Fundraising Coordinator plays a key role in achieving this mission through supporting financial planning and developing innovative initiatives for grassroots fundraising. This role is ideal for an undergraduate or post-graduate who is interested in gaining experience in nonprofit fundraising or financial management. This position is for the duration of the academic year.

Hours a week: 8-10

Research and report on funding opportunities in the UK
- Lead team discussions on team fundraising activities and campaigns
- Work with STAND's international network to discuss joint funding initiatives
- Lead development of fun and engaging grassroots fundraising initiatives

Required Skills and Qualities
- Good financial literacy
- Strong written expression
- Self-motivated and able to balance academics and extra-curricular activities
- Collaborative spirit
- Full of innovative and inclusive fundraising ideas 
- Able to inspire involvement and motivation from others

Desirable Skills and Qualities
- An understanding of UK politics and foreign policy
- Understanding of STAND's organisational goals
- Previous experience in fundraising
- Previous group project or campaigning experience

To Apply:
 Fill in the application form, and upload your CV and a proposal of 300-500 words exampling a grassroots fundraising activity at your university and/or local community. The aim of project is to fund STAND to continue attracting young people to unite against mass atrocities.. Your project will be budgeted at £30 and may also be in aid of a humanitarian cause alongside STAND. Ensure that you keep within STAND UK’s mission statement, namely to raise awareness of mass atrocities and empower your community to call for the protection of vulnerable citizens. Contact us at with any questions!

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STAND UK meets Burma Campaign UK!

STAND UK meets Burma Campaign UK!

Task Force Positions

By joining a STAND UK Task Force, you will be joining STAND UK’s national Student Leadership Team, a group of students that helps spread the word about STAND UK and our conflict areas, and resource our constituency with up-to-date educational materials and analysis. As a Student Leadership Team member, you will join an amazing community of young #genprev activists from across the country while building your resume and developing lifelong skills.

Please note that all Student Leadership Team positions are unpaid, and run for the duration of the 2018-2019 school year.


In a Nutshell:
As a Communications Task Force Member, you will be the leading correspondent for two continents. We’re looking for passionate young aspiring journalists to write quality posts for the STAND blog and local level and university newspapers/magazines/journals. Working alongside the Communications Coordinator, you’ll expand your knowledge about STAND’s conflict areas as well as fine-tune your writing abilities.

Hours a week: 3-5

- Research and write a minimum of two blog posts per month for STAND
- Write for partner journals
- Edit content written by other students on your chosen regions
- Actively build relationships with a range of student newspapers, magazines, journals and other media outlets to promote STAND’s work and to publish timely articles

Communications Task Force Required Skills:
- Able to conduct independent research - Able to present information in an engaging and concise manner
- Excellent command of English
- Excellent writing and communication skills, adaptable to a variety of audiences
- Passion and knowledge of current affairs, international relations, human rights, peace building and mass atrocity prevention.
- Creative flair

Desirable Skills:
- Experience in journalism, media outreach or communications
- Editing experience

To Apply: Fill in the application form and upload your CV and a writing sample. Your writing sample should be 500-800 words. You can take inspiration from our current conflict focus areas including Syria, South Sudan, Burma and Yemen- or pick something that’s not in mainstream news circulation, such as the Mau Mau uprising. Ensure that you keep within STAND UK’s mission statement, namely to raise awareness of mass atrocities and empower your community to call for the protection of vulnerable citizens. Consider researching conflict zones, prevention methods, humanitarian aid and campaigning. If you do not have a related writing sample, that’s okay – we can provide you with a prompt! Contact us at with any questions or check out our blog at for inspiration!

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In a Nutshell: The STAND UK Policy Task Force is the engine behind STAND UK's work to pioneer impactful policy change in the UK to support atrocity prevention and peace building. The Policy Task Force, is an ideal introduction for dynamic students looking to build a career in politics and public policy.

Hours a week: 3-5

- Monitor political developments in the UK on a particular topic related to mass atrocities and their prevention
- Produce regular news updates to be shared with the Policy Coordinator and Managing Committee - Assist the Policy Coordinator in liaising with policymakers and MPs
- If based in London, attend and report on events and debates taking place in and around the Houses of Parliament and Westminster

Required Skills and Qualities:
- Strong analytical and research skills
- Awareness and understanding of current affairs and UK Politics
- Willingness to learn - Good collaboration and communication skills

Desirable Skills and Qualities:

- Previous study in the field of Politics, International Relations, History, or other related degrees
-Experience of working on research tasks
- Practical understanding of domestic and international politics and the concepts of atrocity prevention and peace building Policy Task Force

To Apply: Fill in the application form and upload your CV. Contact us at with any questions!

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In a Nutshell:
We are looking for passionate and committed students to help represent STAND UK at a campus and/or local level. As a member of the Outreach Task force you will be our STANDbassadors and actively seek opportunities to expand STAND UK's reach and influence within schools and universities across the country.

Hours a week: 3-5

Responsibilities: -
Seek out interested students and societies keen to help prevent mass atrocities and be involved in STAND UK's campaigns
- Be the face of STAND UK on your campus and in your region of the UK - Represent STAND UK on a local and regional level
- Attend, help organise, and put forward ideas for STAND events, campaigns, and outreach opportunities. This may take the form of creating a STAND UK society within your university or hosting events with similar associations (for example Amnesty or Model UN).

Skills required:
- Excellent communication skills in order to build relationships with students and societies
- Self-motivated and organised to plan, coordinate, and execute events and campaigns
- Able to work independently
- Creative flair

Desirable Skills and Qualities:
- Experience in running societies, events, and campaigns
- Friendly and confident

To Apply: Fill in the application form and upload your CV. Contact us at with any questions.

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In a Nutshell:

The Digital Media Task Force is seeking three highly motivated individuals to collaborate closely with the Digital Media Coordinator to keep STAND UK's social media updated and looking its best with relevant articles, creative graphics, videos and other digital materials. They will also help with the maintenance of STAND's website, and will collaborate in organising and promoting on-campus events.

Hours a week: 3-5

Roles and responsibilities:
- Newsfeed manager: research-based role; responsible for finding relevant news articles and resources to post; fact-check information before posting, and exploring what related organisations are posting about
- Social media manager: organisation-based role; responsible for keeping social media pages updated, working closely with newsfeed manager to prepare posts, and regularly scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
- Videography manager: videography skills required; responsible for developing and actualising short videos on various STAND-related topics to diversify posting and reach new audiences through our social media and website

Required Skills and Qualities :
- Creativity: we are always on the lookout for new ideas on how to manage our digital media, and how to attract a larger audience
- Motivation and ability to learn skills as needed
- Ability to work independently, but also to work in a team

Desirable Skills and Qualities - Experienced in the use of Social Media
- Website design and maintenance skills
- Knowledge of the use of Mailchimp, Canva, Photoshop, and/or videography programs Digital Media

To Apply: Fill in the application form and upload your CV. Contact us at with any questions

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