Campaign Contacts: 

To find out more, visit the Together We Remember website here. If you would like to set up your own Together We Remember event on your campus, please contact TWR here. To get involved in a current event, please email the relevant organisers:

Daisy in Bristol:

James in Cambridge:

Shereen in Essex:

Clara in York:

Aysha in London:



Together We Remember is an emerging genocide-prevention nonprofit dedicated to making the promises of "Never Forget" and "Never Again" count for all humanity through globally synchronized activism campaigns. This April, in honor of Genocide Awareness & Prevention Month, public name-reading ceremonies will be staged around the world to commemorate the lives of genocide and mass atrocity victims. The goal of each name reading is to unite people of different races and religions in solidarity, give voice to victims of atrocities past and present, and compel our leaders to prevent history from repeating itself.  STAND UK is participating in Universities across the country including Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and York.