STAND UK Societies are located on university campuses across the country. Through educational events, creative actions, relationships with local Members of Parliament, and participation in national STAND UK campaigns, societies raise awareness and take action on our conflict areas.

STAND UK societies and affiliated organisations receive support from STAND UK’s Outreach Coordinator, who is the go-to person for information about STAND UK’s student-led campaigns and resources to build and strengthen its chapters. As a grassroots organisation, societies are the essential element of our student-led movement to end and prevent mass atrocities and identity-based violence.

Join or Found a Society

For further information about STAND Societies near you, or to discuss founding one of your own, please contact Outreach Coordinator, John Heads at


If you would like to campaign alongside STAND UK, please contact Campaigns Coordinator Amrita Farook at and we'll be sure to provide you with lots of resources and be on hand for any questions or issues you may have!  



If your Student Society would like to support with STAND UK’s peace education initiatives for school children, please contact Education Coordinator, Aindrila Das at